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English Lessons

Rhys Edwards and friend Jack end up guests of the Stewarts while in the States conducting business as vague as details about their fast-paced, cosmopolitan lives in England- and all over the world, it seems. When Rhys meets Meg McAlister, Rene Stewart’s pretty best friend, she’s just as elusive about hectically running off early, then working all hours. So no one asks many questions over leisurely dinners and lively outings-  Except Danielle, ever condescending to Meg and consummately self-serving, especially where strikingly handsome Rhys is concerned. But looks are deceiving when Rhys proves more perceptive and deep than many credit him with- is looking for something deeper as well. And something about Meg… appealing, sharp and plenty attractive is disturbingly drawing. Especially when their homes and encompassing life pursuits are thousands of miles apart.

The mystery mounts when Rene unearths fascinating facts about playboy Jack, before Emily Carleton drops by from England- and things really get complicated. By the time they meet again in Europe, unforeseen adventures prompt a detour to Rhys’ home- Perhaps their chance to reach beyond a sensible, suitable future for something life-altering but soul-satisfying…

Excerpt:   Seeing the breeze ruffle his blond hair to nice effect in the indirect shimmer of sea green tapers at the two buffet tables and glow from inset lights around the boat rail, Meg’s insides froze in place at the breathtaking combination- The fine, fair features with their sober dark eyes, by turn light and dark blue as they were now, full of thought. Full of a lot, in fact. If he had merely been engaging or even charming, it alone would have made hearts flutter- Everyone but hers. She needed something more… Quickly averting her eyes, where they stayed on level with his shirt pocket…
   They were out in the harbor now and the lights were all softly blurring into one another in the distance into a lovely soothing vision against the falling dusk. He looked down on her, close by his sleeve. The soft breeze- they were only going eight knots or so- shifting her hair about her face. And suddenly, looking at her in the dim light, he realized in some amazement (but not such a lot now he thought of it)- ‘I want to kiss her…’
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English Lessons

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Between Rene’s epicurean courses, Mrs. Hammond’s longwinded, ridiculous gossip, aboard a ‘small’ yacht one evening or supper on the beach the next…  Ambushing Meg at her seedy apartment or uncouthly tagging along to her father’s Texas ranch, eager to experience this wondrous curiosity- This tale of tangled attraction from distinctly different worlds plays out like a comedy of errors until sober realities threaten happiness itself…

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