Past Imperfect

Michael Clason leads a privileged life in Manhattan successfully running his own company and as sought-after bachelor, also wrestling personal demons as best he can. Which may explain a maturity and depth in someone with such easy wealth and good looks… While everyone feels free to question Stephanie Raite working her own unimpressive way in the world- especially Anne, prodding her to do something with her life. But she’s learning that living on her own terms means having to work these things out for herself. If a stern, possibly dastardly town deacon also determines to censure even her small cosmos.

When Michael’s personal aide and friend Tom Stanton invites him to visit family in the country (also reconnect with youthful love Nicole Carter: pretty, popular & prepared to keep him trailing loyally at her heels), no one expects the wealthy young president of Clason Industries to take an interest in Stephanie, Nicole’s thoughtful, independent roommate. Yet as their differing worlds are drawn together, an inevitable spark, then slow fire begins to build. As lively repartee sometimes collides in emotionally charged heat, their bond of attraction and respect grows, that play of negative and positive ultimately aligning into a harmonious strength and powerful uniting of hearts- As each struggle to face challenges in a demanding world that expects much but rarely appreciates what it takes to get there, or the journey itself.


As if she needed his approval, picturing the stern face confronting her a second ago. Anyway, he should know her, enough to- Michael’s laugh was edged with emotion. “Ready to pick a fight as usual, I see.” Her anger abated somewhat, yet resentfully mindful Alex would never speak to her like that! But now he reacted-  Mad, pure reaction, eyes darkening perilously, voice grown hard. “You shouldn’t allow yourself to be kissed and whatnot right under everyone’s noses unless you want them talking about it.

Anger igniting again at the preposterous authority in his tone, and sense of injury that he would judge her so, brought defiant eyes around to his resolute gaze. “It’s none of your business what I do. And men do kiss women these days- Or would you expect me to get engaged f-irst?” remembrance momentarily choking off her defense.  “There’s a lot more than that being done-”

“That’s true-” he retorted with flashing eyes but a quiet banality that made her flush with annoyance. “But not by you,” the eyes challenged.

“How do you know? Or maybe you do! Better than anyone about that sort of thing!”

His eyes narrowed. “Peremptory first judgments at work again?  Fine, do what you like,” lips pinched.

“Well, it’s a lot more fun than being lectured by you!” satisfied when this succeeded in also flushing his face with color.

English Lessons

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‘Country barefoot’ faces its alter ago in ‘mad-paced metropolitan.’ Status quo crashing into unquestioned new values to meet somewhere in reality, with happiness and justice for all… You just may fall a little in love with Michael yourself.

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