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Kimberley James likes to say she was born in Maine and ‘grew up’ in New York where she spent her early adult life.  Following stints in Seattle and Dallas with her corporate husband, they moved ‘back’ to New York, both the city and then to do the house in the suburbs thing.  They now live in Maine where there’s more space to do the outdoor thing on their 20 acres, but visit NYC once a year or so to experience that ‘alter ego’ lifestyle.  Almost the perfect balance: from barefoot and cut-offs, to Lincoln Center, a chic dress and heels.

In Maine, Kimberley loves to kayak, cruise the beautiful coast in more easeful style on their boat, garden, play the piano, swim, etc.  And, naturally, read – whether by the pool, on the beach, in front of the fire, or cozied up in bed with a book light – or Kindle…  She hopes you enjoy these stories, and that they take you away from whatever you might have in the way of hectic demands to a more easeful time and place, a time all to yourself to unwind and enter someone else’s world for awhile.  ‘To sleep, (to read), perchance to dream…’


Coming Soon: Affairs of State

     The governor has just been murdered, so the investigating authorities believe, and the young lieutenant governor has to step in, in more ways than he bargained on.  Meanwhile Kelly Williams unsuspectingly lands in town for a job interview, and ends up walking into the wrong place at the right time. Soon she’s unwittingly caught up in the FBI’s cover-up while they investigate, trying fool the press and public as the handsome new governor’s significant other.  In a high stakes farrago of garden parties and political rallies, pretense soon begins to take on an undeniable, personal life-force of its own…

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Kimberley James


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